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Children’s Volunteer Training

Are you interested in volunteering with our children’s ministry?


We’re so thankful that you are, and would love to help you get started. Because we take our children and youth’s safety very seriously at Asbury, we ask that all our volunteers for children do two things before getting started as a volunteer:


Get A Background Check: Asbury United Methodist Church will have to run a background check. This is a simple procedure. For us to do this, we need your legal name, current address and some other information. Call our office administrator Eric Life at 859-441-1466, and he will run the background check for you (the office is open Mon-Fri from 9AM-1PM).

Do Safe Sanctuary Training: You will be asked to participate in an online training for Safe Sanctuaries. This is a series of modules that can be completed at your convenience.  The total completion time is around 2 hours.  After the videos, there is a quiz at the end to fill out. Please save the document that says you completed the quiz and email it to us at asburyum@gmail.com.

Here’s the link to the safe sanctuary training: https://www.kyumc.org/safesanctuariestraining


If you have any other questions about becoming a children’s volunteer, email Laura Baker at Children@asburyum.org.