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Health Ministries

Charlotte Savill, BSN, R.N.

Parish Nurse

The Health Ministry attempts to combine the physical with the spiritual, hopefully resulting in the health of mind, body and spirit.  In an attempt to achieve these goals, we have the following activities in place.

Office hours will be (for now) every Wednesday morning, from 8am to 10am. Call or text me at (513) 304-0307.  Any private consultation can take place on Sundays or by appointment.

Blood Pressure Screening – is officially held on the 1st Sunday of the month, but many people have their blood pressure taken more often due to new medication, stress etc.  Just come into the office and ask.

The Bereavement Ministry cares for the grieving person(s) for one year. This is accomplished through letters, cards, poems or visits (requested) given each month, which helps the grieving person(s) know they are not alone and that what they are feeling is normal.

Each month we a have a new learning opportunity in our Backdoor Reading.  Located in each restroom on the cubicle doors the “captive” audience learns something new.  Click here for this months copy of the Backdoor Reading.

I want my parishioners to know that I will always be here for you in counseling with health screening and by coordinating volunteers to assist church members.  I will be available anytime they need me with health concerns. I specialize in GT and GT to gravity, JT, NT, Trach and Vent, wound Vac, Catheterization, medication setups and medication administration, etc.  We are in this together.

My motto as a nurse is:  Every day is one more accomplishment.

Suggestions for new programs or other ways to improve the Health Ministry are always welcomed and appreciated.