Health Tip:

Bouts of intense anger or heavy physical exertion often precede heart attacks in men and women with high levels of arterial plaque. This doubles the risk of suffering a heart attack in the next hour.  The reason why is intense emotion or activity can change blood flow to the heart.  Try to relax.

Craft Fair News

  • Please be sure to sign up for donating your time and talents.
  • We will have Preview Tables on Sundays, Oct. 22nd, Oct. 29th, and Nov. 5th in the Fellowship Hall.
  • Time to begin going through your items for the White Elephant or Card for Treasures Rooms.  here items include gently used items you would like to donate.  NO CLOTHING PLEASE.  You may begin bringing these items in NO EARLIER THAN SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 5TH.
  • A request for silk scarves has been made.  If you have any you would like to donate, please bring them in ASAP.
  • Please begin to bring in your donation baskets, valued at $25 or under in value.
  • Any questions or comments, contact Donna Purnell, at


2017 Flu Shots

Asbury will NOT be giving flu shots this year, due to a change in Walgreens flu shot policy.  We will be charged for the flu shots, if we don’t meet a minimum number of participants.  Linda suggests that you get your flu shot from your doctor, Walgreens, or another pharmacy giving flu shots.