New Youth Minister at Asbury

The SPRC has officially hired Scott Beach as our new youth minister. Scott will begin his service at Asbury on June 20th, with his first Sunday being June 25th!  ALL YOUTH, grades 6 to 12, are invited to a pizza party on Sunday, June 25th, at 5pm in the fellowship hall to meet Scott and spend a little time getting to know him. This will be a new beginning for our youth group, including the new 6th graders who are coming into youth group. Come be a part of it from the first day and all the days after.  If you have a friend you’ve thought about inviting to come with you sometime, this would be the perfect time to bring them and let them get in on this new beginning too.  We can’t wait to see you and your friends on Sunday, June 25th, at 5pm as we welcome Scott to our church and celebrate the beginning of his ministry with us.

Health Tip

Dispel cancer myths with facts:

  • Cancer IS NOT contagious.
  • A tumor IS NOT always cancer; some are an abnormal lump of cells called benign tumors.
  • Cancer IS NOT necessarily inherited; only 5% to 10% of all cancers are linked to genes inherited from parents.
  • Cancer IS NOT a death sentence; every year more and more people survive cancer, especially when caught early.

Bibles Needed

Exodus Listening Program, Catholic Charities, and River of Life Bible Studies, all minister to people incarcerated in our local detention centers.  They are in need of Bibles.  The Bibles can be new or old.  They can be any translation.  The only criteria is that they be paperback with no personal information written in them.  If you can help, please call Chick at (859) 760-7118.  Thank you.

TRAPPED – One more date!!

If you wanted to experience TRAPPED, but weren’t able to sign up, then you have one more chance. We will be running TRAPPED again on Saturday, July 15th. TRAPPED is an experience where you will be trapped in a room, and you will have 1 hour in order to solve puzzles which will lead you to the escape. We’ve already had over 60 people do TRAPPED, and everyone has had a great time! I have a few time slots that have already been booked, so please check the schedule on the bulletin board in the lower level of the education building to reserve a time slot for your group.  TRAPPED works best for groups of about 6 people.  If you have any questions, please see Kathy Mahaney or email her at